Surviving the Lockdown

Everyone is in the same boat pretty much. We are confined to our homes, surviving the lockdown, to slow the spread of corona virus or COVID-19 as it is called.

So what to do?

You can either constantly complain and be negative and miserable the whole time or start seeing it as a positive thing.

What do you meanThe key to happiness. Surviving the Lockdown

Do you really want to spend weeks, maybe months being miserable? Of course not.

I am sure you would rather be happy.

Why not see this as an opportunity to do lots of things that you never get time to do. All those books you thought of reading but there was other stuff needing to be done.

How about those crafts you fancied trying but never had the time.

What about the times you have seen things about meditation, looked and it wistfully and then moved on?

Yoga. Fancy trying yoga? Gentle movements that can do you good. Exercise is important to how you feel.

Live alone? Then go online and look for groups in your area with similar interests.

Living with family? I bet you aren’t all used to be in the same place at the same time. This is a good chance to reconnect.

Readingmagical book Surviving the Lockdown

If you haven’t ever been much of a reader it’s worth putting your interests in to google along with ‘books’ to see what comes up. With time on your hands, its a chance to learn new things or lose yourself in fiction. There are plenty of free books you can download. Just get a kindle or ebook reader app connect it to an Amazon or other account and you can download them.

Books can be magical transporting you to different times and places, real and imagined. Even different planets, galaxies or dimensions.

They can make the imagination soar. They can also uplift if you get the right book. There are many self help books available now that can really help.

Non fiction, like biographies, can give you a peek into others lives and how they came to do what they do and become. Travel books can take you away to exotic locations and may have you planning to travel more.

If you are a reader, the chances are you have many books, real and digital waiting to be read. If you read mostly fiction, try stepping out of your comfort zone and get a non fiction book on something that interests you. So many books and so little time.

Then of course there are blogs. Thousands, millions of blogs on every subject you can think of ….. well most subjects. Not as long as a book of course, a shorter but interesting read. You can flit from one to another discovering favourites to go back to later.


Then there are crafts. Ever had a creative urge? Seen various crafts and just wanted a go? Maybe watched your mother or grandmother? I learnt to knit from my grandmother, crochet I taught myself from a little booklet which I still have. Since then I have painted pictures, done needle felting pictures and animals. tried jewellery making and creating handmade books. I discovered what was fun to have a go at and what was something I really wanted to do which was digital art.

You could even end up with a business like me. Funnily enough it started with forced rest when I was ill for a bit.  I just can’t do nothing so I went back to my crochet and made blankets, then added scarves. Trouble was, I soon had quite a pile of them. My daughter suggested I sell online, so I had a look and went from there. That was 10 years ago now. 4 years into my business I was made redundant from work, I gave myself 8 months to make a proper go of it and earn enough to replace my job  or I would be getting another job. Never looked back.

Its surprising the turns life can take just from trying something new. Go online and have a look, see what appeals, there are lots of craft kits available.

Etsy, Folksy and Not on The High Street are the main ones. Lots do pop up and disappear but those 3 have been going since well before I started my online adventure. Of course there is Hobbycraft too.


Meditation is a wonderful practice, it is excellent for mental and physical health, plus general wellbeing. meditation

Don’t listen to so-called gurus who tell you that it’s best to meditate for hours, that is nonsense. You don’t have to sit cross legged, being uncomfortable is counter productive anyway.

So many people say they can’t meditate, they tried and can’t stop thinking about stuff. Blanking your mind takes a lot of practice and some never achieve that. You learn to observe the thoughts and let them go.  Or you just sit and daydream, that’s a kind of meditation in itself.

Have you ever been for a walk and your mind drifted, not really thinking about anything in particular, just enjoying the day and the moment? That too is a kind of meditation. Still think you can’t do it? You probably do it more often than you realise.

Many doctors are advocates of meditation. In some countries, children are taught to meditate and from then on start their school day with a period of meditation as they believe it makes the children, calmer,  concentrate better and be more focused.


Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India. They are slow movements into positions that are then held for a time while focusing on the breath. These are specific movements and poses that will gradually tone and strengthen.

Again, this is something doctors advocate nowadays because of the overall benefits. As you can see, there is also information about it on the government NHS website.

From the NHS website. Read the article HERE!

What is yoga?yoga

  • Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing to boost physical and mental wellbeing. The main components of yoga are postures (a series of movements designed to increase strength and flexibility) and breathing.
  • The practice originated in India about 5,000 years ago and has been adapted in other countries in a variety of ways. Yoga is now commonplace in leisure centres, health clubs, schools, hospitals and surgeries.

From the BBC website. Go HERE to access the video.

Coronavirus: Simple yoga poses to help home workers

  • Much like thousands people across the country right now, BBC reporter Emily Ford is working from her home.
  • While she’s used to producing stories every day, she is also a qualified yoga teacher.
  • Here, Emily shares a few tips and tricks on how to stay energised during the coming months with some simple stretches and breathing exercises.

Living alone

It’s not easy to be living alone and confined to your home. If you tend to feel anxiety the forced confinement can make it worse. It is very easy forthoughts to spiral out of control especially if you watch the news and programmes about the corona virus.

It seems to me that most focus on the increasing numbers getting the virus and the number of deaths worldwide. It’s very rarely mentioned that there are very large numbers of people that had the virus and recovered.

Keep in touch with family and friends. Talk to them on the phone and Facetime where possible. It’s good to talk but even better to chat when you can see them, it makes the person feel closer somehow.

If you can research local groups in your area with similar interests to you and join any that interest you. They will probably have an online space to chat while the lockdown is in progress. Contact with others is good and very important. You may find that when this is all over you have made new friends to pursue interests with.

If you are generally out a lot you could look at this as a good time to catch up on reading or start a new hobby.

Have some exercise each day, a walk, an online yoga or other exercise class. Try a meditation class too.

It can also be therapeutic to clear out things no longer used or needed.

Living with family

This is your chance to get off your phones and have real conversations. Sit round a table and discuss things. Talk about worries and fears about the situation, sharing makes it easier. Discuss likes and dislikes. Why not share hopes and dreams?

Have meals together, it’s a time to share food and conversation.family meal

Go for walks together once a day. It’s good to have a change of scenery, plus the exercise and fresh air can be very therapeutic.

In ‘normal’ everyday life it seems that families occupied the same space, their home, but didn’t really connect much with each other. As they grew up each would spend more time in their own space than with others. Even eating was something done separately in each persons space.

Family is such an important support group that seems very under utilised nowadays.

What else can you do together? Play board games, card games and do a jigsaw puzzle. Find a hard one and make a start. You will find that most if not all the household will stop as they pass it to add a piece or two. It can be fun.

Gardening is very good for you. Once its tidy, plant some seeds, grow tomatoes and cucumbers, they don’t take up much space and if you have room plant other quick growing veggies. There are lots of gardening blogs with advice on all different types of gardens. It can be fun to plan something different for your outside space.

Got young  children? There are newly sprung up groups on facebook for parents to exchange ideas on amusing children.

Children get tired of the same toys after a while, or they just outgrow them. Look for an online group in your local area that swaps toys or puts them on a group for free. Those can be left outside the house and  collected.

My sister helps run such a group and its very popular. Its monitored so people dont try to sell items on it. It’s so that perfectly good items can be reused or recycled, rather than end up in landfill too soon. Helping yourself and the planet. Result!!


How are YOU Surviving the Lockdown?

There is a lot you can do to keep your spirits up during this time. The main thing is to stay positive if you can and see it as an opportunity to spend quality time with loved ones.

It’s also a chance to try things you never have time for in the normal course of your lives. It’s actually very good for you to slow down and relax more, learn to live life at a slower pace.

Children don’t need to be entertained every minute of the day. Its good for them to get bored occasionally as it encourages imagination and creativity. We need young ones to have imaginations, they are out innovators and inventors of tomorrow, just as the adults are today’s innovators and inventors.

Think of this as a sort of holiday. No you can’t go out and about but you can relax and go with the flow. If all else fails

Remember …… nothing last forever, everything passes and this will too.

Thank you for visiting and reading my blog, I hope it helped. If you enjoyed it, please share for others to read it.

Comments and questions welcome.


6 thoughts on “Surviving the Lockdown”

  1. when my board exams were going on, I had made plans with respect to what will I do once these exams get over.
    I had planned to visit some of my friends and relatives but when on 24th march the lockdown was imposed I was sad that now I won’t be able to meet my friends and relatives and then I decided to chase my dream of becoming a musician
    I started practicing keyboard because I am inclined towards western music
    hence I am having a good time and during this lockdown I have also discovered a dancer within myself because sometimes while listening to music. I just stand up from my chair and start dancing.
    so I think this is a time for all of us to learn something new so that when we come out of this lockdown we are completely changed.
    some positive impacts of lockdown are that the rivers of India are now clean which could not be cleaned despite introducing a number of projects
    moreover, 1000000 square kilometers gap that had come in ozone layer has been repaired with the help of natural processes
    so therefore we must take lockdown positively and remain positive

    • Thank you for reading and commenting.
      It is very sad that you couldn’t carry out your plans and celebrate. I agree, though that this is a good time to learn new skills and perhaps discover the direction you want to take in life.
      There is much that we are losing but also very much we are gaining. The human race is learning that its people that are important, not things. Many are also learning that it feels good to help others.
      It is wonderful that your rivers are clean now. Hopefully measures will be put in place to stop industry polluting them again. Yes this has proved that it is possible to repair the damage to our planet, now we all just have to keep it going.


  2. I was really happy because,my board exams were over. My mother promised me that I could play all the console games I like and can play cricket as many hours as I want.But,one of my dream got crushed due to his lock down.Who would have thought that in the bright year of 2020,we were going to have a virus outbreak.

    But,like many things in our mortal lives,this also has some positive things.I mean,our schools got closed,and we are living in the comforts of our homes and studying.This is like some dream coming true! I always wanted to laze around and watch T.V and play some cool games. Well,it is obvious that I can not play games all day as I have to attend my online classes,but,most of all,it is not too bad.
    Also,the ozone layer is replenishing at a good pace and most of the countries of the world have become pollution free.This is a feat that we could not have achieved without this eco-friendly virus.But, like all other diseases,this also needs to be cured.

    In times like this,we should not waste our times violating government laws.Instead,we should open our hearts to the needy and pray for them and must contribute to stop this pandemic.We should stay home and stay safe.

    • I am glad your exams are finished. If you did nothing all day you would soon be bored, study does give structure to your day.
      The virus is a terrible thing causing many deaths but as you say, has also brought good things, such as the planet healing.
      Hopefully people and governments can learn from this and finally put a stop to, or reduce greatly, the things that damage our planet the most.
      There are many helping those less fortunate or in need sadly it brings out the fraudsters and scam artists but vigilance and passing on information greatly reduces the damage they cause.
      Thank you for reading and commenting.

  3. My life during this lock down is pretty plain and simple. I wake up at 8 because I have classes at 9 till 12:30.
    Then I eat lunch and take some rest till 5 but starting 5 are my most productive hours of my day . I exercise for about an hour eat some snacks and then study and also finish off any homework that I have left. And if I don’t have any homework I just draw or sketch because I love drawing and sketching and try and draw the nature some characters or maybe even a comic strip because that helps me in honing my skills in art which i want to purse in the future. Then after all that I get on a video call with my friends and we start to play games together which is a lot of fun and having friends to interact with in this situation is really helpful and fun as to we would not feel alone or lonely. We all play games till 12 in weekdays and till 2 on weekends in between those time i take a break to eat my dinner too. And lastly I go to bed.

    • It is good to have a routine it does give your day structure.
      Practicing different styles of drawing is excellent as it will help you find the style you prefer and eventually develop your own way of drawing.
      Many are connecting with friends on video calls and in games. Its very important to have that social interaction.
      Sounds as though you have lockdown under control. Well done.


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